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The Fund that could reshape you!

A small business is never too big to fail, yet the journey of supporting a small business or startups has always been arduous to many. 3 Square Ventures is elated to take up the honor of financing such entrepreneurs, helping them provide the required funding to get them off the grounds. As a seed investor, we show keen interest to invest in startups at the initial stage of their growth. Established as a network, we collectively screen your business proposals and fascinating business ideas for its merit and differentness to provide you the required funding.

As a consortium, we firmly believe that, small businesses are the engine of economic growth and hence we desire to encourage entrepreneurship for Startups. A small business is never going to be small at all. It has the extraordinary potential of growing rapidly at a large scale. Grades of many once-a- small companies have gone up over the years, creating a symbiosis for both the investors and entrepreneurs. Our active investment management team aspires to increase the size of funds for many startups that are yearning to establish themselves, facilitating them the delivery of a highly superlative and consistent returns.

Size does not matter!

Small businesses and startups are going to be our investment targets than giant organizations. Monster in size, the growth of these giant organizations is limited or even saturated because they are already large. Also, their returns are strictly average. Being small and lively can always be an advantage! As an organization, we are creative, agile, pledged to collaborate with a wide range of startups, helping them in shaping their brands as desired. Strengthen the roots of your business ventures by initiating a partnership with us. Let us walk down the path of entrepreneurialism hand-in- hand to the harbor of success.

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