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3SquareVentures is a company that believes in the power of entrepreneurship and new ideas. For every single entrepreneur, we have a wide array of services that can help you grow your numbers exponentially, whether you are starting out or if you are an established enterprise.

First founded in 2013 by the entrepreneurs Hamsa Mohan and William Castellanos, it began as a place where young talent and ideas are sponsored in order to unleash their full potential. Here in 3SquareVentures, we think that every idea is a good idea and only needs the right guidance to become a success. We stand by the belief that small and medium companies are one of the main powerhouses of the modern economy. We take pride fueling and nurturing these organizations by establishing win-win relationships directly with them.

First founded in 2013 by the entrepreneurs All of our services are centered around a consultancy and coaching business-model, which means that our expertise and market knowledge will help you along with the service that you hire.

Our services are classified in three main groups, explained below:

● Financial
In 3SquareVentures, we take pride in investing in great ideas, no matter the size. In fact, we prefer to invest in small companies with great potential. Very large corporations are more centered towards maintaining their position, and not towards explosive growth, which is our main objective for you. We also offer coaching and orientation to know where to allocate starting capital to optimize results and revenue.

● Social & Marketing
Along with other services, we provide our clients with Creative Spheres, a fraternity group which focuses on stimulating a creative environment in your operations, to help with everything from planning all the way to innovating.
Our specializations are social media and influencer marketing. Both work in a similar manner and will help you reach and direct your products and services to your target audience, either with well-established social media platforms or trusted sources and celebrities.

● Technology & Innovation
Our founders and employees are well-versed in every single aspect of modern business-related technology. If you would like to integrate the benefits of these tools in your firm from day one, we have a number of processes and useful training that we can provide in order to leverage the power of T&I.

3SquareVentures is part of a wider group of successful enterprises, with which it is affiliated to provide, not just a better service, but helpful contacts for better development in the entrepreneurial world. Companies such as Baruch Business Solutions, TLK Medical Group, and H&W Technologies, are just a few of our partners who won’t hesitate on sharing helpful insights on their respective fields.

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